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10 Things I Barely Tolerate About You

Cathedral Carver ( website )

Read by: teddyradiator

Rating: K

Let's begin with the least offensive, shall we?

A Christmas Thought

tulaksam ( website )

Read by: MistressBlackSnape

Rating: K+

Challenge: Some meddling puts two folks under the mistletoe.

An Unusual Gift

blueartemis07 ( website )

Read by: teddyradiator

Rating: K+

Severus tries to do something unique for Hermione's birthday.

Candyfloss Days

JunoMagic ( email ) ( website )

Read by: JunoMagic

Rating: K+

Written for a prompt at the LiveJournal community Portus Envy: Something with helium balloons or animal balloons. You may imagine that this scene takes place a few years after 'The Apprentice and the Necromancer' and 'The Book of the Dead'.


Ayerf ( website )

Read by: teddyradiator

Rating: T

Severus Snape is in distress...

How Severus Stole Christmas

Elizabeth ( website )

Read by: darklotus1211

Rating: K+

Severus hated Christmas, the entire Yule season. Please don't ask why, no wizard quite knows the reason.

Let Nothing You Dismay

Bluestocking ( website )

Read by: Bluestocking

Rating: T

Hermione has been watching her colleague for some time, but a bleak Christmas for Severus pushes her to stop watching and start acting. Runner-Up for Best Fluff in the 2009 SS/HG Awards.


Still My Heart ( website )

Read by: esclaramonde

Rating: K

Christmas at the Burrow leads to the healing of two hearts. Written for the Winter 2006 round of the SeverusHermione Gift Exchange on Livejournal.

Nadoleg Llawen

Shuldham ( website )

Read by: darklotus1211

Rating: K

Christmas shopping Snape/Granger style.

Predictive Texting

astopperindeath ( website )

Read by: pyjamapants

Rating: T

Challenge: Spelling Mistake Challenge In my head, this takes place in an EWE universe, a few years after DH. Hermione is teaching at Hogwarts, and she and Severus have been friends for a while. Thank you to my beta, debjunk, who always comes through in a pinch and is just an awesome human being :). Also, I've been known to send some pretty stupid texts because of Predictive Text. That's what's happened here.

Scenes From a Birthday

lillithj ( website )

Read by: Teddy Radiator

Rating: K

Birthdays are the highlights of Severus Snape's life.

Some Bind of Wonderful

Cathedral Carver ( website )

Read by: teddyradiator

Rating: K+

Can I get a witness? Written for the 2010 HP SSC Fest.

Thirteen's A Charm

sshg316 ( website )

Read by: natasnape

Rating: K

Severus Snape has tried a dozen times to ask a question, but to no avail. Will the thirteenth time be the charm? Response to the 2008 OWL Holiday Challenge.

Tidings of Comfort and Snapes

sc010f ( website )

Read by: golfbabe87

Rating: K+

Hermione has an errand on Christmas Eve.

Under the Mistletoe

debjunk ( website )

Read by: cybrokat

Rating: T

Severus receives a gift of mistletoe. Who sent it, and who can make it disappear?

Winter of Our Discontent

Losille ( website )

Read by: Losille

Rating: T

Christmas gift exchange gone awry. Or, what happens when Headmistress McGonagall can't take the bickering between two of her employees any longer. Written for the SSHG Winter Exchange 2007, gift for Community.

You Only Cross My Mind In Winter

Subversa ( website )

Read by: dozmuffinxc

Rating: K+

He makes this pilgrimage every year at Christmas, but nothing ever comes of it. Will it be different this year?

Yuletide Draught

Valady ( website )

Read by: organic_chemist

Rating: K

Hermione finds a potion that will reveal her one true love.